San Antonio raccoon trapping

Our pricing is fair. Raccoon control is specialty work, and every job is different. There's no one-price-fits all option. To get a free price quote over the phone for your wildlife situation, call us at 210-436-1725 and describe your issue, and we can give you a phone estimate. Factors that can affect price include:

  • Number of raccoons we are dealing with
  • Location of raccoons (outside, or in attic?)
  • Number of trap setups we will need to use
  • Amount of raccoon damage repairs needed
  • Size of house, extent of inspection needed
  • Potential dangerous roof or attic factors
  • Do you need raccoon waste and odor cleanup?
  • Driving distance to your property

Once we have an idea of some of these factors over the phone, we can give you a better price estimate.

Are you in need of an adequate and dependable raccoon removal wildlife service? Well, you've come to the right place! We provide control solutions for nuisance wild animals including foxes, coyotes, pigeons, possums, raccoons, rats, and more. Our proven and humane methods are guaranteed to resolve all kinds of wildlife problems in your home or offices. Our company is licensed in the state and accredited by many well-known organizations that abide by state law while carrying liability insurance to protect your property and our personnel on the field. The team also specializes in all sorts of services like animal waste clean-up, attic services, preventive services, insulation replacement, wildlife barriers, and green cleaning. Our wildlife experts have undergone special training to learn how to best capture or control for all animals and species located in our state. Some animals are protected by federal law in a specific season so we pride our personnel that they're well-educated in dealing with all kinds of wildlife. When dealing with wildlife, our personnel first hand will tell you that it's not an easy task that should be done properly and immediately. Wildlife is dangerous when they gain access inside your property. They will transmit various diseases which some of them may be fatal if not dealt with immediately. When you're having a hard time dealing with these unwanted guests, there's no need to be stressed about it! With just one call, we guarantee you that we will do the job right for an affordable price.